Svein / 28.06.2021

Norweb becomes Ginntech!

After 10 years as Norweb, it's time to change names. The choice fell on Ginntech. A name inspired by Ginnungagap in Norse mythology. For us, this is a signal of increased investment in innovation and development of new services.

Why change name?

For many years we worked exclusively with process support tools for higher education. In recent years, however, we have further developed both our technology platform and our product and customer portfolio. We have developed our own data analysis platform, we work with the practical application of artificial intelligence, and we have gained various customers in both the public sector and private business. With this name change, we want to make it clearer that we are now becoming a tech company with a broad area of ​​expertise and new innovative products for several sectors.

Why Ginntech?

North met South. Cold met Heat. Fire met Ice.

In Norse mythology, this led to the creation of new life. The place was Ginnungagap. The bottomless gorge that divided the world between the cold north and the warm south. In Norse mythology, it was believed that the meeting of inequality was magical, and gave creativity.

We at Ginntech believe that different knowledge, experience and background are important for the good solutions. We work closely with our customers. Although we may not create "magic" products, we believe that the best solutions come from interaction, exchange of opinions and daring to try and fail together. The new name thus draws inspiration from Ginnungagap, as a Nordic tech company with big growth ambitions