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We are Norweb, a Norwegian software house, based in Trondheim.

We are specialized in user-friendly, powerful and smart digital solutions. We can analyze large amount of data with our Mimir-platform and we can custom build support for your companies processes and workflow.

Custom API

Web Design



Edutorium is our solution for Universities and Colleges. Edutorium will help you quality assure your course design and development.

Edutorium gives you full overview of your course plans, study plans, revisions of course descriptions and also help you arcive and even publish. All in an easy to learn – easy to manage application.


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Mimir is our platform for gathering and analyzing large amounts of data and creating basis for actions. Mimir can help you make sense of information from many different sources. Information that it today maybe seems impossible to collect and structure. Well, Mimir can do it. And Mimir can even create the necessary support to automate some of your manual processes with the use of the collected data....


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Do you need help to design, develop or manage your websites? We are experts in two flexible, powerful web-tools for custom web solutions, Drupal and Symfony. Trey can give you the functionality and security you have been looking for. We can even help you if your web-site is hacked.


Our Key Values

What matters most for us is helping our customers create value!

Building userfriendly, powerful and smart digital solutions requires in-depth understanding of our customers, their operations and their target audience.

Customer Oriented
Customer Oriented

We strive to have deep insight in our customers problems and challenges. Higher education, health-services or publishing? We have the domain-knowledge to understand what you are struggling with. We work close with our customers in our projects, securing an open communication.


Experience thought us that being too strict, when it comes to the production phase of the project may not always be the best possible option. We do prefer more relaxed and open minded approach, where the goal defines means and tools required to achieve it.


We firmly believe that trust is built upon providing reliable, crafty made and solid product. We believe that quality is the keystone of long lasting, reliable relation with the client.

Edutorium for Universities and Colleges

Whether you have a handful of study programs or hundreds, keeping program descriptions and course descriptions in sync and up to date is a herculean task.

Edutorium is the premier tool to secure quality and efficiency making it easy for lecturers, coordinators, administrators and marketeers providing to work together. Edutorium helps you with an effortless, sleek and elegant way to manage huge amount of data related to providing students and other subjects with an in-depth information regarding courses offered by your institution. 

Combination of three key components of the system, which are Edutorium Course Management System, Edutorium Recruitment Portal and Edutorium Academic Catalogue provides you with an easy and convenient way to to deal with such an demanding with an accessible data management and data access option. Hight level of customization provided by our solution also allows you to make sure the whole implementation will not only be precisely adjusted to your institution specific requirements being unique and target audience specific.

Mimir for analyzing large amounts of data

Whether you have problems making sense of all the necessary information you need to make a good decisions or you want to automate time-consuming manual processes, Mimir can help you.

Mimir have tools to acquire information from many different data sources and platforms. We can collect data trough integrations, or we can get data from different websites trough scraping web portals. Mimir can manage large amounts of data and will help to structure these data in your workflow. Maybe the outcome is a custom-built report, with all the data you need, structured for a perfect overview so you can make the right decision based on facs and not feelings. Or maybe the outcome is an automatically generated recommendation for a customer, a respond on e-mail or a new status in a workflow.

We think such a solution may be considered a game changer for your data analysis or sales department allowing you to stand out of the crowd in the most competitive wa possible.

Web Design & Development

Nowdays web presence is considered one of the most accessible and flexible ways to provide your clients or partners with the information about yourselves.

We think that outstanding, descent and appealing web presence is not only decoration, but also crucial, key component of your brand identity.  We believe that modern websites are not only simple online business cards but rather complex systems providing your target audience with an information about services and products you do provide. Therefore, you should not be limited to plain blog-like platform with few poster pages but rather be allowed to manage your web identity using more sophisticated tools allowing building content rich web applications. Ones rendering good using portable devices or standalone desktop units.  Ones scaling up flexibly as your business grows. We believe in systems that do combine harmonically bot form and function, where design, look and feel comes together with functionality and editorial experience.

Our toolbox includes Drupal and Symfony being considered world class standard for tailoring content management frameworks or custom applications that could be extended easily later on and provide you with the higher possible level of web security. 

We use... Symfony

Symfony is rock-solid, powerful and modern PHP framework created to develop websites or custom applications.

Symfony framework is a set of reusable components based on very popular PHP language being one of current standards for creation of reliable web applications.  From our perspective main benefit of using such an approach for our clients is the level of flexibility and extensibility provided by adoption of Don't-Reinvent-The-Wheel rule combined with standardisation of the codebase. Using it helps us to follow the best, modern coding standard and practices making future development and maintenance easier and less time consuming

We use... Drupal

Flexible and reliable Content Management Framework that scales up easily as requirements of your application grows.

Drupal is an advanced Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to build complex portals and websites. Most likely you are familiar with similar solutions (ie. WordPress or Joomla), but what distinguishes Drupal from these systems is its modular construction. Drupal was designed without specific, predefined purpose in mind. Therefore Drupal is more like a set of Lego bricks than readymade solution.

Last but not least Drupal is an Open Source system. In short, an enormous system developed by massive community of developers from around the world available completely free. As a result, the cost of the project is reduced by omitting the need to reinvent the wheel. Login system? Admin panel? Security? Building blocks of a data structure? REST endpoints? It's all included. As a customer you only pay for implementation and customisation of the tool, not for the tool itself, while still working on the highest quality components in which we have full confidence.

About Us

Let's introduce ourselves...

We are a Norwegian development house, based in Trondheim. We are the authors of Edutorium, a SaaS platform developed for many years for higher education, more about which you can learn here.

We have developed a powerful platform for analysing data, Mimir. We help our customers collect data from a variety of sources, analyse them and transform them into easy-to-read reports or to start an automated process.

We are also dealing with custom Drupal and Symfony solutions for clients, that value bespoke, crafty approach and do expect tailor-made product. 

Norweb AS was founded by Svein Iversen (CEO) and Agnar Ødegård (CTO) in 2010 and have offices in Trondheim and Oslo. 


Send us a message with your e-mail address if you want us to contact you!

We can give you a demo of Edutorium or show you some examples of how Mimir can help your business.

You are welcome to visit us at Øvre Rosten in Trondheim or at Rosenborggata in Oslo.


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